Let’s Take A Moment to Appreciate Charlie Hunnam’s Sexiness

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A few months ago I published a post celebrating Idris Elba’s sexiness. It was fun, light-hearted and pretty well received. For your viewing pleasure, I’m going to recreate this with Charlie Hunnam. Who knows… this might become a regular thing.

Charlie Hunnam, star of Sons of Anarchy, covers the December issue of Men’s Health, just as his show is preparing to say farewell. Charlie Hunnam has become something of a household name, not only because of his success in Sons, and last year’s Pacific Rim, but because of all the controversy and media coverage surrounding his initial casting in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey.

Charlie Hunnam is a beautiful specimen of a man, and all the Fifty Shades soccer psycho moms who were throwing the word “ugly” around to describe him really need to have several seats.

Hunnam was undeniably cute in his Queer as Folk and Nicholas Nickleby days, but the man has grown to be a veritable beast of beauty. In his Men’s Health spread, Charlie discusses the dedication necessary to stay in shape in order to maintain the visual expectations of the characters that he plays. I’m all for healthy living and working out – two aspects I cannot do without in my own life – but this guy kind of borders on obsessive. Oh well, he does it for the primary purpose of us appreciating what he shows. Who am I to complain?

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Taylor Swift Releases “Blank Space” Music Video

Blank Space is probably my favourite track on Taylor Swift’s 1989, and that’s really saying something, because this album is chock-full of amazing songs. When I found out that it was going to be her next single, I was fanboying all over the place because I couldn’t wait to see the video! Well, it is here, and I am not even slightly disappointed!

“Blank Space” is about the very beginning stages of a relationship. Taylor sings to her potential new beau that she’s fully aware it may not work out for longer than a month, as her “long list of ex-lovers” proves, but she’s still willing to take a chance to see how it ends (up). It’s pretty much the most stereotypical image of Taylor Swift but, in all honesty, isn’t it what we all do for new relationships?

In the video, Taylor is paired with 25 year old model, Sean O’Pry, and the two make a beautiful couple until it all goes to hell. It’s a beautiful and hilariously made video, filled with a ton of opulence, and even more crazy. What I love most about it is that Taylor Swift seems to be intentionally using all the negative perceptions about her to her advantage in this. While I don’t actually believe that she is as unfazed about all the gossip about her as she tries to show, she has a wonderful knack for poking fun not just at herself, but at the image of herself that so many people have.

This, I think, is a great quality that a lot of us should adopt. Hell, people are going to think and say what they want about you, anyway. Why not have fun with all of it?

The Imagery of “Love Me Harder” Is Incredibly Misogynistic

This is going to be one of my very rare, super short posts. I literally just got done seeing this video for the first time, and felt the need to share a single thought with you guys. I don’t think I’ve ever published an Ariana Grande post before, save perhaps the Women Dominate Today’s Music Charts post. I quite love Ariana Grande… she’s got a phenomenal voice, she was adorable as Cat on Nickelodeon, and she has a sassy no-bs attitude that she often whips out on social media to very deserving trolls. That said… I’m not loving this video.

“Love Me Harder” is a duet sung by Ariana and The Weeknd (born: Abel Tesfaye), affirming the need for their lover to (you guessed it) love them harder, in order for them to stay. It’s an okay song… nothing really to scream about. But my issue is with the video. Have a look at it and see what I’m talking about. Although both Ariana Grande and The Weeknd are singing about literally the same thing, the situations in which they are both put couldn’t be more different.

While The Weeknd is done up in dark colors, walking down a solitary hallway (both appropriate for the theme of the song), Ariana Grande is dressed up in revealing, form-fitting clothes, writhing on a floor… when, of course, she isn’t caressing her legs and breasts.

Now, you guys know that I am the last person to ever slut-shame someone, or chastise a female for embracing and showcasing their body and sexuality. I’ve written sufficient posts to applaud such moves. I applaud them, however, when they’re done by a woman of her own volition. When it is being done for the entertainment value of viewers, especially when compared with the stark contrasting image of a man, it just comes off as misogynistic and vile. I won’t even go into the message that this sends to the millions of young girls who positively worship Ariana Grande. Honestly, I’m not trying to drum up negativity and drama where there isn’t any.

I really just want to ask… was this necessary?

Loving Someone With Mental Illness


Yesterday, I came across a video of one of the YouTubers to whom I’m subscribed. Now, although he’d uploaded this video about a month ago, this was actually the first time that I was seeing it. Anyway, in this video, he spoke of his struggles with body dysmorphia. Mind you, this is a guy who seems able to make a joke out of everything around him, yet he here he is hounded day after day, year after year (for several years, evidently) by this mental disorder. I’m bringing this up because mental illness has actually been on my mind for some time now.

Recently, I found myself rewatching the season finales of two of my favourite shows: Shameless and Please Like Me. Oddly enough, I was rewatching them both on the same day, and both episodes dealt with characters finding themselves in relationships with someone who suffered from some sort of mental disorder. In Shameless, the character suffers from bipolar disorder, while in Please Like Me, the affliction is severe self-deprecation. Now, both of these seem like major issues, and possibly immense barriers to forming and/or maintaining romantic relationships; however, the writers have done it so that both those characters have found someone who is not only aware of the situation, but completely willing to proceed.

I have a friend who suffers from a few disorders – mentally and physically. When we first met, one of the fears of his that he kept bringing up was that he would never find someone who would be willing to overlook these issues to love him. Of course, as we grew older, he found himself in several different relationships, seemingly proving that his fears were unjustified… or, at the very least, extreme.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who, if faced with such circumstances, wouldn’t turn around and flee. And, while it isn’t the best response, I don’t think it necessarily makes them bad people. Everyone has different capacities for challenges; everyone has different thresholds for struggle; everyone has different levels of comfort for difficulties. I, personally, would love to believe that, if put in such a situation, I would be able to love my partner unconditionally. However, hypotheticals don’t really cut it here, and without actually ever having been in such a situation I really don’t know what my response would be. Truly, cases like these are what sometimes make us see the kind of people that we really are.

That being said, to all those who are strong and loyal enough to stare their partner’s mental illness in the eye and say “Shove off”, and still love with everything in you, I sincerely applaud you. You’re some of the best kinds of people out there… because this shows that not only how great you are… but also how good.

Kingdom Season 1 Episode 5 “Eat Your Own Cooking”: My Unsolicited Review


This week’s episode of Kingdom seemed to encompass a theme of “expectations and disappointments.” We also returned to the actual MMA world this week, which we haven’t seen since the pilot episode. Nick Jonas also had his very first sex scene, much to our delight (NSFW GIF alert)… so, all in all, really good episode.

The episode started with a monologue from Alvey, seemingly addressed to an invisible but very receptive audience, with everything but Alvey’s face in darkness. However, as it ended, and light became more visible, we found Alvey in one of his cages, dressed bloody clothes, and speaking to the two thugs who had jumped Nate earlier. One of the guys was clearly dead, the other bound and gagged. As Alvey gave the final strike, he jumps from sleep and we find out the entire scene had been a nightmare dream. Despite finding the scene horrific and grisly, I must admit that I was incredibly disappointed that it was just a dream. Not only was I happy that these two violent thugs were having justice served to them, it was amazing seeing it delivered by Alvey in the fashion that it was.

Show me the rest of the review and the GIFs, dammit

Male Rape is Just As Horrific as Female Rape

Gay Date Rape

As most of you know, I like to use this blog to highlight a lot of stuff that I enjoy and that make me happy. However, every once in a while, this place is also where I come to vent and be all preachy, and unfortunately for those of you who decide to keep reading, this is one of those times.

A few days ago I was browsing through someone’s tumblr. It’s one of those that I’ve visited before and, although some posts are a bit more explicit than really necessary, I mostly enjoy it. Now, I understand that tumblr is the most elevated platform of self-expression on the internet, so it often hosts a lot of dark and twisted shit. However, there are just as many tumblr pages (if not more) that offer awesome and lovely material. The page in question evidently hosts both types of content, and it is easy enough for me to scroll past the more graphic posts to focus on those that I deem cute, adorable or sometimes sexy… until now. During my last visit to the page, there were far too many posts of near-naked or fully-naked men which housed captions like “How did I not rape him” or “The roofies kicked in; time to rape!”

The hell?!

Am I the only one who realises how vile this is?! We have reached a consensus as a society (at least we, the decent individuals) that rape of women is a disgusting and unforgivable act! It is the lowest scum of the earth who rape women, followed closely by those who justify and/or excuse the act. Very often, gay men are among the most outraged by it and we are more vocal than our heterosexual counterparts. Should this same outrage – this same mentality – not be used for other men? Why do we behave like the rape of men is more easily excused than that of women and, while women should be scarred for the rest of their lives, men should just get over it and appreciate the fact that they got laid?

The sexual exploitation of any person, of any age, of any gender, and of any sexual orientation when consent is not given is WRONG! Even “joking” about it like those posts did (if you can even call that a joke) is outrageous and despicable. Had these same jokes been made about unconscious or sleeping females, I am sure that very many people would get to the FBI like, “Well, I didn’t get you the jerk off who leaked those J-Law nude selfies… but get a look at this guy!” and rightfully so! However, because these comments were made about muscular, handsome men, we think of it as all in good fun, evident by the number of times that these posts were reblogged, and the number of notes attached to them.

This double-standard is so disheartening that it borders on depressing. Perhaps those who are culpable never really stayed and thought about it in this way. If you are reading this and, like them, never saw it in that light, I implore you to realise it now. The glorification or indifference towards anything related to rape is sick and must not be condoned!

American Horror Story Freak Show Episode 5 “Pink Cupcakes”: My Unsolicited Review


Warning: Contains major spoilers. Obviously.

Finally! The American Horror Story that we’re accustomed to is back! This is truly the first episode all season that has excited me in such a way that I can’t wait to see what happens next! When Twisty was killed off, I wasn’t sure what that would mean for the show, since he really was the “horror” in this season’s horror story. However, I think the writers struck gold with Dandy as a serial murderer and he is a very amazing villain! This week’s episode also teased a future with several of our beloved freaks murdered by Stanley and Maggie “Esmerelda”, and put on display in the Human Oddities Museum. Since none of these murders occurred in this episode, I’m really intrigued to see it unfold.

This week, we see Stanley persist in his deception of Elsa, attempting to persuade her that having a television show (on Warner Bros., no less) would be the best career move for her, as television is the future of entertainment. Ah, what it must have been like in the fifties, unaware of the power of television. Can you imagine a time when your life wasn’t controlled by that magic talking box? The thought is almost terrifying in its liberation, isn’t it? Anyway, Elsa flat-out refused, insisting that television was too gauche for a woman of her talents. Disappointed, but undeterred, Stanley leaves her tent, claiming that he was looking forward to seeing and enjoying her act. He, it turned out, was the only one, as Elsa’s act (another goddamn rendition of “Life on Mars”) was booed and catcalled into oblivion, making it a bigger disaster than the live performance of Milli Vanilli Ashlee Simpson Cassie any failed musical act in recorded history. A thoroughly humiliated and destroyed Elsa later calls Stanley in to accept his television offer.

Before Elsa’s catastrophic “performance”, more was happening with the other freaks. Esmerelda has clearly taken a liking to Jimmy, offering to read his palm while he practised his act. Her “reading” warned him of a smooth-talking newcomer whom Jimmy should avoid at all costs… even if it meant having to leave the freakshow that very night. At Jimmy’s reluctance at the suggestion, she tries to convince him that he is smart and good-looking enough to be able to do anything that he wanted. However, when he tried to go in for a kiss from her, she pulled back, indicating that despite whatever chemistry the two of them may have, there are still limitations to romance when physical appearance is concerned.

Show me the rest of the review and the GIFs, dammit!

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