25 Great Gay Sex Scenes Saga – Movie # 19: Shame (2011)

Shame Cover Image

Title: Shame


Michael Fassbender… Brandon

Carey Mulligan… Sissy

Director: Steve McQueen

Synopsis : In New York, Brandon’s carefully cultivated private life – which allows him to indulge his sexual addiction – is disrupted when his sister arrives unannounced for an indefinite stay.

The Backlot Rating:

Hotness – 5

Romance – 0

WTFactor – 4

Shame is an intense drama which revolves around the life of Brandon Sullivan. From the outside, Brandon appears to be the most put together person… he’s handsome, charming, great at his job, and lives in a beautiful apartment. However, Brandon struggles daily with an issue that no one is even slightly aware of – he is a hardcore sex addict, and besides taking a toll on him physically, his addiction is damaging his relationships and emotional attachments to other people.

I remember that there was quite a bit of uproar after Shame came out. Sure, the subject matter was sensitive and even slightly taboo, but that wasn’t the issue. Evidently, most people thought that Michael Fassbender would have been a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination for his role as Brandon, and despite his active and diligent campaigning, his was not one of the names on the list of Oscar nominees that year.

I accept that this movie has a gay scene featured on this list, but it isn’t actually a gay movie. In all honesty, I don’t even think that Brandon was a bisexual per se. His addiction to sex was just so all-consuming that it seemed not to matter where he received the sexual gratification… just as long as an orgasm was achieved. I think this is why this scene stood out so much; despite arguably being a heterosexual man, Brandon was so intent on getting his sexual fix at that moment that he resorted to following a gay man into a gay club, never once frightened off by the intense volume of gay sex happening around him.

I liked this movie… gay sex scene or not. It wasn’t a very exciting film, so if you’re looking for an adventurous plot, this will not be the movie for you. It is actually incredibly slow-paced, evident from the very first scene in which Fassbender is seen lying motionlessly on his bed for a solid ten minutes (exaggeration… but it certainly felt like it). The acting was also remarkable and, while it didn’t necessarily surprise me that Fassbender was “snubbed”, I can certainly understand why other people would have felt the shock.

Show me the GIFs, dammit!

Michael Strahan Cast In Magic Mike XXL

Michael Strahan

A huge part of Michael Strahan’s success on Live! is the fact that he appears so goofy and likeable. But let’s not kid ourselves… we’re all blindingly aware of the fact that he’s a hulking mass of powerful sexiness… even if gap teeth aren’t your thing. The former pro-football player still maintains the type of physique that make us all dance in our pants. Now, since Channing Tatum is evidently dead set on flooding the cinemas (pun most definitely intended), he has gone about casting Michael Strahan for the highly fapticipated anticipated Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike XXL.

If the sequel is anything like its predecessor, this is a fantastic move. We all watched the movie, and we all had our eyes shamelessly glued to the screen during every scene that didn’t include Cody Horn took part in the club, but let’s admit it: the movie really wasn’t very good. It had a lukewarm plot that didn’t really go anywhere and I was more confused than aroused at the end (which is why, I suppose, they’ve gone ahead with a sequel… for a bit of closure.) So, in the event that Magic Mike XXL isn’t any better storyline-wise, then an endless parade of half-naked beefcakes is exactly what is required.

For someone who works so hard on maintaining his physique, Michael Strahan surprisingly doesn’t show it off that often. Sure, I suppose he’s contractually obligated to wear those sleek designer suits for his talk show, but would it kill him to stage a few “surprise” paparazzi attacks while he’s shirtless at the beach like a regular celebrity? Thanks to Channing Tatum, this should now be obsolete, if Michael Strahan really does wind up in a thong on the big screen.

PS, I honestly felt incredibly vapid and superficial writing this post, but then I remember what Michael Strahan’s biceps look like in the picture above, and the guilt ironically disappears.

Pic Via Peter Yang

Maroon 5’s “Animal” Music Video Isn’t That Offensive


Allow me to preface this post by saying that when I was a lot younger, I used to joke about someday wanting a stalker, because it seemed like the highest level of flattery out there. Needless to say, as I grew older I realised how incredibly stupid that was and I grew out of it. However, just in case I hadn’t, Maroon 5’s newly released music video for their single, Animals, certainly would have kicked some sense into me. While the video is arguably hott at certain points, it is creepy as all hell throughout.

In the video, Adam Levine plays a severely unhinged butcher who becomes obsessed with a beautiful young woman – played by his real-life wife, Behati Prinsloo. As expected in such a scenario, he stalks her everywhere she goes and fantasizes about her in graphic sexual detail. Although Adam pulls off the act with impressive credulity, a lot of viewers are not here for the concept, and are being quite vocal about how distasteful they find it. The two most common criticisms seem to be that 1) the video is too sexually explicit in certain scenes and Adam Levine is trash for parading his wife in such a sexual manner, and 2) Adam Levine is disgusting and anti-feminist for glorifying stalking. Note that all blame and responsibility seem to be excluded from the creators of the video and the remainder of the band, and placed solely on Adam Levine. I admit that I understand where these people are coming from, but honestly I just cannot with this level of stupidity.

I’ve seen several comments from proponents of the first criticism which claim that this sexual nature of the video has now suddenly made them stop being fans of Maroon 5. All these people need to have several seats, because this is far from the first time that a Maroon 5 video has portrayed Adam Levine as sexual and lustful. She Will Be Loved and This Love both feature scenes of Adam Levine getting down with a female. Now, how much of a “fan” could you really have been if you hadn’t known that? It seems to me that this has far less to do with being offended and more to do with trying to show others how virtuous you can appear. There’s nothing wrong with having a moral code and sticking to it, but when it gets to the point that you’re publicly bashing someone for not following that same code, and crying as loudly as you can so that others realise it, I think that your intent truly is to deliberately portray yourself in the most pious light possible. As for Adam parading his wife like this… can someone please point me to the moment when we suddenly went back to the 50’s, and men were solely responsible for what their wives were allowed to do in public? For crying out loud, Behati Prinsloo is a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model! It isn’t as if Adam Levine is whoring her out for something that she’s completely unaccustomed to. What’s he supposed to do? Jump onto the runway whenever she’s modelling and cover up her body so that no one ever sees her skin? Up on out of here with that rubbish!

As for this video glorifying stalking, I think that’s a load of crock. True, it’s a sensitive topic and yeah, maybe it wouldn’t be my first choice had I been the concept artist, but isn’t that sort of the point of art? Isn’t it supposed to explore topics that aren’t often discussed and present it in the most provocative and thought-provoking fashion? If you ask me, this video doesn’t “glorify stalking” any more than Fatal Attraction or Fear did, and no one seems to be calling Glenn Close or Mark Wahlberg “disgusting” for those roles.

I’m not trying to censor anyone from voicing their opinions, but I honestly have to wonder if half of the people making these comments even truly agree with what they’re saying. How much of it is conviction, and how much of it is just this social-media-created obsession with insulting everyone and spewing negativity and hatred at every turn? I refuse to believe that the majority of these comments come from a truly puritanical belief system and not just a fabricated attempt at making ourselves feel more superior to others than we really are. We really need to just calm the hell down and learn to prioritize when it comes to the issues that we make such a big, earth-shattering deal.


Chris Pratt’s Legs Should Always Be Displayed


Instead of wasting billions of dollars on phones and software that ultimately piss so many people off, I have a suggestion for Apple. Why don’t they invest all that time, energy and money into something that will actual thrill and benefit us all? And, of course, by that I mean life-size, identical, anatomically-correct replicas of Chris Pratt!

Chris Pratt, the walking orgasm waiting to happen, hosted this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live. I can use this opportunity to talk about how great he was, and how funny he always is… but who cares about that right now?! All that matters is that during one of his sketches, he donned the iconic He-Man costume and, because the writers of SNL are angels who walk among us, this involved him baring a whole lot of skin.

Since Chris’ drool-worthy new physique was revealed for his Guardians of the Galaxy role, people have been going on and on about his abs. But can I please just take a second to bring to all of our attention how amazingly sexy this man’s legs are?! I readily admit that I’ve got a thing for legs, and the only thing that I’m sorry about is that I’m so not sorry about it!

Right now, I have no idea what this sketch was really about, because I was far too distracted paying close attention to what was springing beneath that god-awful, furry loin cloth. There’s really no need to mention this but, like everyone else in this world, I so would… Anna Wintour-looking wig and all. Just show me them legs!

Chris Pratt SNL 1

Chris Pratt SNL 2

Chris Pratt SNL 3

Death Is The Most Awful Teacher


A friend of mine died yesterday. To say that it’s a crapfest would be a fucking understatement. I think the worst part is that he died from cancer. I mean, how does someone our age even die from cancer? Yeah, I know that cancer doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age – I’m not an idiot – but knowing something logically and actually seeing it in person are often two completely different things. The news has pretty much rocked everyone that I know who’s in my age range. First off, the guy was a really cool person and most people liked him. But most importantly, it made us come face to face with a reality that we don’t often confront… our own mortality. Most people tell us constantly that we’ve got our whole lives ahead of us, or that we’re too young to do certain things or make certain decisions. But this incident pretty much just proves that there’s really no truth in that.

As affected as I am by his death, I can only hope that before his death, he’d lived as full and happy a life as he could. And, really, this is the most profound lesson to have come out from this for me. When people tell you to live every day like it’s your last… boy, they aren’t kidding. New responsibilities lately have kept me from posting as regularly on this blog as I used to – and you know what? This has to stop! This blog genuinely makes me happy, and I can’t keep pushing it to the side.

So, my dear, amazing readers, please take heed of what I say and live your life happily and positively and fully. Screw the naysayers! Screw the homophobes! Screw the racists! Screw the idiots! Screw the sexist a-holes! There’s always going to be someone who will try to take away your happiness… it’s entirely up to you if you allow them to succeed. Because when your time is up, do you really want to know that you’ve lived a miserable life trying and failing to please morons who never mattered in the first place?

Troye Sivan’s “Happy Little Pill” Is Wonderful

I’m completely at a loss as to why it is I’ve never listened to Troye Sivan’s single, “Happy Little Pill”. I mean, sure, I can argue that I’ve been really busy lately, but that sounds like a cop out even to me. Today, I was able to rectify my foolishness, and let me say that I love the song.

If you don’t already know, Troye Sivan is a mega popular young YouTuber whose coming out video went viral, and appeared on almost every site that I visited when he published it. He also appeared in X-Men: First Class as young Magneto in a training camp.

Troye first came to my attention primarily because of Tyler Oakley, because you guys already know that I adore Tyler, and Troye has appeared in several of Tyler’s videos, prompting many of their fans not only to ship them as a couple but to outright refuse to believe that they aren’t truly dating. Though both Troye and Tyler have constantly denied any sort of relationship between the two of them, “Troyler” remains an unrelenting fantasy to their fans.

“Happy Little Pill” is Troye’s latest single from his album “TRXYE”, his debut album with record label EMI, Australia. I always knew that the kid could sing, because it’s no secret that he’s been in musicals before, but to say that I was surprised by the voice which greeted me on that song would be a major understatement. I’m super impressed by his tone, and the general genre of the music, which is far more mature than I would have expected. It’s no doubt tricky branching out from YouTube into mainstream music (mostly because of the not-so-pleasant legacy that Justin Bieber has left us with) but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Troye is able to make the transition successfully.

Women Dominate Today’s Music Charts

Billboard Top 5 Women

Have you taken a look at the music charts lately? If you haven’t, allow me to point something out to you. The top 5 singles are all by female singers! If that weren’t amazing enough, coming in close at number 6 is a song by an openly gay man.

Bear in mind that these charts aren’t determined by an appointed academy or biased political group. They’re determined by a combination of several factors, including number of singles sold, as well as amount of radio airplay of the song. This means that it is the general public who is deciding on which artists deserve the top spots.

Even more incredible is the fact that in none of these top 5 songs is the woman pining over a lost love or singing of some subservient role in a relationship. The songs are of the singers asserting their dominance, showcasing their sexuality or celebrating their personal decisions. Now, I’m not so stupid as to think that this is a direct reflection that the patriarchal and homophobic values that have controlled our society for so long have suddenly disappeared. However, it is a rather pleasant and promising indication that, at least at this very moment, there might be a shift in public mentality.

#1. Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

#2 Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

#3 Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

#4 Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora – Black Widow

#5 Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

#6 Sam Smith – Stay With Me

This is where you enter my head… I apologize


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