Victims Aren’t To Blame


If you haven’t yet heard, you soon will that another celebrity leaked pic scandal has hit Hollywood. I know it’s happened before but usually it’s only happened to one celebrity at a time. This time, however, it’s on a massive scale and several young female celebrities are the targets this time including allegedly Jennifer Lawrence, Kim K, Ariana Grande and several more. There’s no way in hell that I’m going to include the pics if they ever get released, and I’m considering not even tagging this post at all, because I’m afraid it’s only going to bring a slew of perverts who are only coming to get off on something that is obviously causing humiliation to the victims. I wouldn’t have posted anything at all about it, because I’m pretty sure that I covered my opinion on these matters in my Demi Lovato post. However, something caught my attention which made me desperately need a place to vent.

Someone had the nerve to comment online that these stars deserved to get their personal phones hacked and have their private pictures leaked because they’re fully aware that it has happened before and it could happen to them. The hell kind of mentality is that?! Yeah, ok. Let’s see… people have died in plane crashes before so I’m never travelling by plane again because if I die, I’d deserve it… people have choked and died before, so I’m never eating food again because if I choke, I’d deserve it. See how stupid this shit sounds? Well, that’s how this idiot sounded to me! I just don’t understand how anyone could think this way and not realise they sound like a raging moron. So, these women deserve to have their privacy violated and made publicly ashamed because it’s happened to other people, but the douchebags who are responsible for this disgusting act should be lauded as heroes for bringing it to our attention? Well, pardon me, but I believe that said douchebags should have the shit kicked out of them. This is just so sickening, I could vomit!

This is the same ridiculous mentality that blames rape victims for “being too drunk” or “wearing clothes that are too tight”. Let’s get something straight here. No one “deserves” to be raped, and no one “asks” to be raped. Even if a woman strips naked in a prison full of inmates, she doesn’t “deserve” to be raped. If you ask me, all rapists should get their dicks cut off to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. When did it become okay to start blaming victims just because they didn’t somehow anticipate their attack, and start erasing all responsibility from the culprits? Shitty, awful people do shitty, awful things. And they’re the ones who should be called out and blamed… not their victims!

25 Great Gay Sex Scenes Saga – Movie # 17: Undertow (2009) (Spanish Title: Contracorriente)

Undertow Cover Image

Title: Undertow (Contracorriente)


Cristian Mercado… Miguel

Manolo Cardona… Santiago

Director: Javier Fuentes-Leon

Synopsis: An unusual ghost story set on the Peruvian seaside; a married fisherman struggles to reconcile his devotion to his male lover within his town’s rigid traditions.

The Backlot Rating:

Hotness – 10

Romance – 10

WTFactor – 2

Undertow (Contracorriente) is a Peruvian film set in a small town, which initially highlights the secret relationship between Santiago, an openly gay painter who doesn’t actually belong to the town, and Miguel, a closeted husband and expectant father, who is a native of the town, well-known and revered. Less than half an hour into the movie, the story takes a different turn when Santiago drowns, and his ghost becomes trapped in the town, visible and tangible to no one but Miguel. This, in turn, finally allows Miguel the opportunity to love Santiago openly, as the fear of anyone finding out seems to instantly vanish. I must admit that when I learned of the premise of this movie, I was more than a little sceptical about it. After all, while supernatural movies are often amazing and real-life movies the same, it is sometimes difficult to successfully and believably incorporate the supernatural into real-life movies. Take Ghost, starring Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, for instance. I absolutely loved that movie; it was hilarious and thrilling. However, it did tend to head into cheesy not-so-believable territory every now and again. As iconic as this clay-pot-making scene is, it was one of those cheesy scenes, as was the penny moving scene. Now, I’m not ragging specifically on Ghost. I’m just using it as an example. Undertow, however, keeps the supernatural to a bare minimum so that it never really appears forced or incredulous.

My one criticism is directed at an aspect of this movie that is also existent in other movies with the same down-low theme. The love triangle presented in the movie is one that happens very often in real life, where publicly heterosexual married men engage in homosexual acts in secret. Therefore, it is easy to understand the dynamics shown in the movie. However, what isn’t as clear is Miguel’s sexual orientation, and this seems to happen a lot, where we don’t truly get to understand the sexual orientation of the married men. While Santiago is written as obviously gay, there is a lot of ambiguity when it comes to Miguel. Is he gay and just supressing it, as hinted in the movie, or is he bisexual and truly in love with his wife, as once again hinted in the movie? The reason I ask is that, no matter who is chosen in the end, either way someone gets hurt, and not knowing where the middle man (so to speak) sits on the spectrum of sexual orientation feels colossally unfair to whomever is spurned, because more often than not, it turns out to be the gay lover. And this is a recurring theme in these movies… that the gay relationship must always be treated like the invalid half, and it must consequently end in tragedy and/or heartbreak.

When it comes to the positives of Undertow, I absolutely sing its praises. The plot was magnificent and the acting was amazing! Cristian Mercado seriously has the most adorable smile. I also thought this movie was very reminiscent of Eyes Wide Open, and it’s just another example of how the foreign films on this list are seriously trumping the North American ones. The irony between the two situations of Santiago and Miguel was perhaps the most brilliant aspect of the movie. While Santiago was dead and invisible to everyone else, Miguel has never been more alive, and this becomes obvious to those around him. Although Santiago’s spirit is unable to move on, trapped in the town, Miguel experiences a freedom that he never had before. It’s unfortunate that it took Santiago dying for Miguel to truly love him in a way that was truest to them both but despite its tragic spin, Undertow offered us a really sweet love story.

A los latinos que leen esta crítica (especialmente a los Peruanos) yo les quiero decir que sinceramente me encantaba esta película. Siempre he querido incluir una sección española en esta blog, pero nunca sabía cómo hacerlo y de qué debería hablar. Pero yo les amo muchísimo, bienvenidos a Elitosphere y gracias por visitar.

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Tyler Oakley & Darren Criss Make an Awesome Duo


A few years ago, I used to be obsessed with Darren Criss! And I don’t mean any cute puppy-love kind of obsessed. I was like head-over-heels, this-is-my-future-husband, bordering-on-psycho obsessed! The only other person who I knew was as obsessed as me was the queen of YouTube herself, Tyler Oakley! After years of his not-so-subtle indications that he loved Darren Criss, Tyler finally met him at one of the Trevor Project’s events, of which both Tyler and Darren are active members.

The Trevor Project, for those who don’t know, is a non-profit organisation which focuses on providing crisis and suicide prevention tools and assistance to young members of the LGBT community. Since its founding in 1998, the Trevor Project has grown to incorporate their skills and training in schools, communities and online, and boasts the participation and support of many Hollywood celebrities. The aim of the Trevor Project is to ensure that any LGBT teen has an avenue to admit and release their fears, speaking in confidence to trained and compassionate counsellors, instead of taking their own lives. It truly is an amazing organization, and Tyler Oakley has been campaigning for them for years. Earlier this year for his 25th birthday, Tyler urged his fans instead of buying anything for him personally, to make a donation to the Trevor Project in his name. Although his proposed goal was $150,000, his fans far surpassed this goal and the total donations exceed half a million dollars. Indeed, it had become such a phenomenon that even big-name corporate entities had entered the donations.

Since he often conducted red-carpet interviews for The Trevor Project’s events, Tyler had occasionally run into Darren Criss. However, for the first time, the two of them sat down to make a video for Tyler’s YouTube channel, and the result was pure magic! The video already has over one million views. In it, they briefly discuss the Trevor Project, GLEE, and then play a funny rapid-fire question and answer game. On GLEE, Darren Criss plays a very good-boy, charming sort of role – the guy wears bowties to high school, for crying out loud! So can I just say that I don’t know what kind of person it makes me that hearing him use the f-word totally made me weak at the knees.


Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 10 “Monstrous”: My Unsolicited Review


Ok, so this Meredith as the Benefactor plot twist just went from startling to downright weird. This week’s story wasn’t really bad… not at all, actually. It just makes everything that came before it seem unnecessary and kind of ridiculous. From the very beginning, Meredith’s name had been on the dead pool, which removed suspicion from her being the Benefactor. When it was revealed that the Benefactor might have been a banshee, her apparent suicide served to once again distance her from suspicion, as she and Lydia were the only banshees that we knew. Then, last week, Brunski’s revelation that Meredith had been controlling him all this time, and had been the one behind her own faked suicide painted her as some cunning evil genius. This week, though, we once again see Meredith as an overly innocent darling, bringing us full circle with no evident reasoning behind this.

Scott and Kira finally meet up with the rest of Satomi’s pack and, with the help of Chris, Derek and Braeden, help them take refuge at Chris’ place. While there, they get attacked by SWAT-like agents, indicating quite a profound and official bump up from the last few assassins that we’ve been seeing. A huge fight occurred, with lots of bullets being fired, and Scott flew into his first real werewolf murderous rage. At that moment, we actually see Scott physically changing, as he makes his first kill. This is particularly prominent for two reasons. Firstly, throughout this season, we’ve seen Scott struggling with the idea that he may one day wind up killing someone. During his comatose state which Kira induced, his dreams kept revolving around the temptation of giving in to his werewolf instinct and committing a kill… this week, he came scarily close to succumbing to this temptation. Secondly, the beginning of this episode saw a really great moment between Scott and Lia, in which Liam confessed his fears to Scott, and admitted that he didn’t think he had the courage that Scott and the others did. Liam started off on this show as a total obnoxious little a-hole, so it’s great to see the amazing influence that Scott has had on him. Courageous or not, it seems that being a werewolf was truly the right path for him.

Of course, the real story of the night was that of Lydia and Meredith. After refusing to speak to anyone about what inspired her to create and release the dead pool, Meredith finally agreed to Lydia that she would speak… but only to Peter. Peter was just as surprised by this little turn of events, and when he arrived, he seemed genuinely unable to recognise Meredith, though she clearly knew who he was, as she marvelled at the fact that all his burn scars were gone. It turns out that while Peter was comatose at the hospital, Meredith had been in the bed next to him, and I suppose because he was so close to death, she was able to hear everything that he’d been thinking. During his time bedridden, all his thoughts had been centred on retribution for being nearly burned alive, and his desire was to get rid of all supernaturals and then rebuild the supernatural world in his image. I just cannot with this. Since Meredith was already half-cracked, this constant stream of vengeful thoughts apparently caused her to actually physically create the dead pool, and release it to any assassin who would be willing to participate. I’m not entirely sure that the chronological sequence fits adequately with this whole Peter/Meredith pairing, but let’s just go with it. It was a pretty good plot twist (minus the whole run around with Brunski), and having both Peter and Meredith responsible for the dead pool negated the need for an entirely new villain, and simply introduced several disposable bad guys throughout the season.

The next couple of episodes won’t include the assassins, as the Benefactor’s contracts have all been cancelled, but Peter is once again (like he ever stopped) on some plan to kill Scott. So we get to see how this is going to play out. Malia and Stiles made up, so that’s some awesome news going forward. You know, in my heart of hearts, I will always ship Lydia and Stiles, but I actually quite like Stalia as an item. I also wouldn’t be aversed to seeing some sort of relationship develop between Lydia and Parrish. They’ve already got the makings, if you ask me. This season finale is gearing up to have major potential for the fifth season, and I’m interested to see how it plays out.

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Women Shouldn’t Admit To Being Sexual


At this point, you’d pretty much have to be living under a rock to have never heard Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, or seen the video. In less than 24 hours after its release, the video had millions and millions of views on YouTube, which isn’t really surprising, considering all the teasing and coverage that had been done in the weeks leading up to its debut. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the video is full of scantily clad women. The song itself is um… a tad raunchy – and that’s the most demure way that I can put it.

Since we wouldn’t be humans if we didn’t spend almost every waking moment judging the life out of other humans, the song and video for Anaconda has been met with quite a bit of criticism. Actually, that isn’t true. The criticism has been levelled directly at Nicki Minaj. There are countless commenters who have apparently felt it their civic and moral duty to call her a “slut”, “whore”, and I even saw one claim that she is “a disgrace to women.” Let’s get something straight: a whore is someone (male or female) who engages in sexual intercourse in exchange for money; a “slut” (as disgusting as this term is) is someone who engages in sexual intercourse with multiple partners during the same time frame. Wearing revealing clothing or discussing an appreciation for sex does not make a woman a whore or a slut… and even if it does, so the hell what?!

If you personally think that a woman should behave in a certain “ladylike” or “demure” manner, that’s absolutely fine. You have every right to believe that, and if you follow your own beliefs, then all the more power to you. But you should really consider limiting this opinion to your own behaviour and not using it as a weapon for insulting and shaming women who don’t conform to the same mentality. This slut-shaming that we do to any woman who doesn’t fit this Stepford-Wife image really needs to stop. And the worst part is that the majority of this slut-shaming is aimed at women by other women!

We have been so conditioned to accept this “women ought to be seen and not heard” idea that any woman who doesn’t conform to this is immediately held to a set of completely unfair, sexist and inferior standards, especially in relation to men. Allow me to demonstrate my point through a set of lyrics of Anaconda:

Pussy put his ass to sleep

Now he calling me “Nyquil”

Let’s change this lyric to the following:

Dick put her ass to sleep

Now she calling me “Nyquil”

Had these lyrics been sung by someone like Lil Wayne or Drake, I assure you that he would have been lauded as “a lyrical genius”, “pimp”, “boss”, or simply “a man”. But because it was sung Nicki Minaj, it makes her a “slut” and a “disgrace to women”. Considering our society’s vehement protest against anything homosexually related (particularly within the African American culture), these same men who go about rapping about all the pussy they get and sex they have are obviously expected to do their business with women (who either clearly aren’t they wives, or enjoy sex as much as they do). So the issue really isn’t so much that women enjoy sex… the issue seems to be when women admit to enjoying sex. Do we not realise how completely tragic and ridiculous this double standard is? To make matters worse, it doesn’t even stop at sex.

I’m sure you’ve realised that any man (regardless of age, size or physique) can walk down almost any street shirtless and no one would bat an eyelash. Yet, if a woman were to do it, she could literally be arrested for “indecent exposure”. Why? Because we have deemed it perfectly acceptable for a man’s nipples to be visible (again, regardless of size) while women’s nipples (regardless of size) are something obscene and/or sexual. Therefore, while a man is at perfect liberty to expose his chest to his heart’s content, a woman must always ensure that no piece, shadow or hue of her nipple is exposed, lest she be “asking” to get raped – ps, you have no idea how much this particular argument makes my skin crawl… but that’s another topic entirely, so let’s stick with the nipples for now. It is the exact same anatomical feature, but its image and connotation vary with the gender to which it is attached… and this is entirely our fault. It is the Western version of the Middle Eastern burqa: while Muslim men are tethered by no restrictions to show their faces, a proper woman of Allah cannot allow anything but her eyes to be seen in public. We scoff at this mentality and deem it ridiculous and sexist, but aren’t we doing the same thing – just with another part of the body?

We need to stop making women feel like they’re unclean or morally damaged whenever they’re in the least bit vocal about their sexuality, appreciation of sex or awareness of their body. And we need to start with ourselves. Does calling someone a slut make you any more of a saint? Does calling someone a slut make them more of one? Does it make you happier… sleep better at night? Honestly, there’s really no benefit to it (at least none that I can think of). It’s just an awful and unnecessary means of creating a negative atmosphere and negative energies, and it ultimately makes you unhappier. It also significantly hinders any advancement of a changing and improved perception of women, especially in the march for equality. Let’s be positive, folks. Let’s be compassionate and sympathetic and kind. After all, isn’t that what we’d want for ourselves?

25 Great Gay Sex Scenes – Movie #16: “Shank” (2009)

Shank Cover Image

Title: Shank


Cal… Wayne Virgo

Jonno… Tom Bott

Olivier… Marc Laurent

Director: Simon Pearce

Synopsis: A closeted teenage street punk takes up with the latest roughed-up gay victim of his bullying gang, which does not set well with the gang’s drugged-up, brotherly leader.

The Backlot Rating:

Hotness – 0

Romance – 0

WTFactor – 10

Shank was an interesting addition to this least, but not at all surprising when I finished watch it. Shank follows Cal, a 19 year old member of a street gang, who is closeted but readily aware of his homosexuality. Despite his refusal to actually admit to himself that he’s gay, he doesn’t shy away from same-sex intercourse, and even records it for future viewing.

The mere fact that he’s a gang member alerts you to the fact that this movie is riddled with drugs and violence. Although Cal ordinarily goes along with the actions of his gang-member friends without protest, the one instance in which he does put his foot down changes forever. When his two closest “friends” Jonno and Nessa beat up on an openly gay and flamboyant French foreign exchange student named Olivier, Cal intervenes, allowing Olivier an opportunity to escape, but effectively putting himself in their bad books. Knowing that Jonno and Nessa would find him at his house, with nowhere left to go, Cal sleeps in his car outside Olivier’s apartment. Olivier then takes him in, and an unexpected romance develops between the two.

My first and primary criticism of this movie is the acting. Although the performances were mostly quite good throughout the film, there were noticeable instances of weak acting, so much so that during the most dramatic scene of the movie – the rape/beating – I was left cringing… and only partly because of the content. Really, it was just so overdone that it was a bit difficult to fully believe it. My second criticism ironically ends up simultaneously being praise for the movie. I criticise the level of credulity available at the idea that Cal and Olivier fell so deeply so quickly for each other, considering their differences in behaviour. My argument isn’t that it is impossible for a butch, closeted guy like Cal to fall in love with a feminine guy like Olivier. There are very many real life instances where this is the case. My argument is more for the ease with which it happened. You tend to find deeply closeted guys like Cal highly turned off by effeminate men like Olivier for the simple reason that this effeminacy reminds them of their own dreaded homosexuality, and they would do anything to distance themselves from that constant reminder. As such, you would find them completely avoiding effeminate men, if not physically or verbally abusing them. However, I also applaud the decision to have such two different characters fall in love because it highlights the reality that this actually happens more often than many people realise.

What I enjoyed about this movie is that it is so very different from the majority of LGBT films out there. While self-denial and closetedness are common themes, it is an unusual storyline having a gay gang member. In this case, there were two closeted gay gang members, and the sexual tension between Cal and Jonno was quite commendable. The film also had a heartbreaking yet surprising end, and it left me quite floored.

Shank certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s very good story if given the chance, and its blatant portrayal of sexuality, sex and drugs made it all the more compelling. It is another one that I would recommend, if you can accept that not all the acting is Oscar-worthy. Allow these GIFs to help you make up your mind.

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Jean Claude Van Damme Has Sweet Moves


A few days ago, I was out for a haircut, because I was beginning to look like a caveman on crack. An evolving caveman, mind you… but a caveman nonetheless. However, due to some stroke of pure idiocy, I ended up forgetting my cell phone home, which is one of the rarest occasions in the known Universe. Surprisingly enough, the world didn’t come to a screeching halt, Armageddon didn’t arrive upon us, and the earth didn’t instantly become covered in ten layers of ice. But something almost as bad resulted: I was left with literally no form of entertainment. Now, as riveting as it might have been to watch a bunch of strange men get their excess facial hair shaved off, I opted to forego that form of “entertainment” and turn my attention to the large flat screen there. Playing on said television was the Jean-Claude Van Damme flick, Kickboxer. Ordinarily, I would never have willingly sat down and watched a movie like that if given an option, so it was good that it took me out of my comfort zone and genre.

Let me just tell you that I’m very unfamiliar with Jean Claude Van Damme movies. My knowledge of his filmography is limited to the fact that the man has one of the best asses is Hollywood.



I mean, really! Look at that.

Kickboxer was exactly what you’d expect from a movie aimed at meatheads: lots of fighting, no real storyline, mediocre acting and a predictable ending. However, at some point during the movie, this precious gem of awesomeness popped up! Jean Claude Van Damme dancing does things to me that I would have never expected a Jean Claud Van Damme movie to do. Share in this utopic scene with me with the following GIFs.




This is where you enter my head… I apologize


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